Proof of concept - Nagwin with MK Livestatus and Thruk

We have managed to build a specialized version of Nagios Core compiled with static MK Livestatus support. MK Livestatus makes use of the Nagios Event Broker API without actively writing out data. Instead, it opens a socket by which data can be retrieved on demand. The socket allows you to send a request for hosts, services or other pieces of data and get an immediate answer. The data is directly read from Nagios' internal data structures. Livestatus does not create its own copy of that data.

Mk Livestatus - use of unixcat  Nagios Livestatus statistics
Thruk is an advanced web interface for Nagios compatible systems. It allows dashboards (panorama views), configuration GUI, SLA reporting and many other features, making it a complete web interface for operations. It is now possible to extend Nagwin by Thruk via MK Livestatus interface.
Thruk - Web interface for Nagios compatible systems 
Thruk - Web interface for Nagios compatible systems
If you're interested in to test MK Livestatus and Thruk in your Nagwin environment, please open a ticket via our support ticket system. They will be offered as add-ons when the final tests are completed.