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Copssh Server Admin GUI

Copssh Servers version 8 and higher come with a completely new Admin GUI interface.

NB! Not backwards compatible. New installation is required.

Gitlab and Apache as reverse proxy

  • Apache site with Letsencrypt certificate and access restrictions for some hosts/ips. Gitlab server's ip is


Shrink Qcow2 images by removing snapshots

  • Make sure that the domain using the qcow2 image is stopped.
  • List available snapshots in the qcow2 image:


qemu-img snapshot -l /var/lib/libvirt/images/vm1.qcow2


  • Delete snapshots from the image:


Drupal syslogs to a separate file on Ubuntu

  • Activate the  syslog module in Drupal and configure it according to your needs. The key element in our recipe is the Syslog identity which is drupal by default


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