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cwRsync update - 5.7.2

cwRsync - Rsync for Windows

Version 5.7.2 of cwRsync client/server installers and the free edition, comes with an updated cygwin1.dll  (2.10.1 - 20180214), which fixes a newly introduced bug causing files with temporary flag on being not visible for synchronization. See here for more information.



Nagwin update - 3.1.0


Nagwin 3.1.0 contains the latest versions of sub components like  PHP (5.6.36), Nginx (1.14.0), RRDTool (1.7.0),  Pnp4Nagios (0.6.26) and Perl (5.26). Cygwin and GNU tools are upgraded as well. We have also added a number of new check plugins - check_by_ssh, check_cluster, check_ldap, check_mysql, check_mysql_query, check_nt, check_oracle, check_pgsql, check_ping.


Gitwin update - 3.11.2170

Gitwin - Git Server for Windows

Winrpe update - 5.2.1

Winrpe - NRPE for Windows

Version 5.2.1 of Winrpe installers have the latest available version of LibreSSL  (2.7.2). Cygwin and GNU tools have also got an update boost.

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