What do I get upon a successful purchase ?

Upon a successful purchase, you will receive an e-mail with the deliverables below:

  • Download link. This link will always point the latest version available.
  • License key
  • Access to by your e-mail address

Access to downloads/support system will expire after the maintenance period purchased.

Are renewals/subcriptions available ?

Our licences are perpetual and it is possible to purchase maintenance (support & upgrades) up to 3 years, meaning that we don't offer renewals or subscriptions. You need to purchase the product with a desired maintenance duration upfront.

What options are available for resellers ?

As a reseller you can buy the product via our webshop, by selecting the Reseller option. You will then be asked to provide an e-mail of your customer to send license keys, login and download information.

How does maintenance work ?

Maintenance is valid for the period purchased, and includes a download link and access to

Download link will always point to the latest version available. That way, you can keep your installations up to date.


What are licensing terms ?

Our licenses are perpetual (non-expiring), authorizing the customer to use a specific version of the software indefinitely. The license is paid for once and does not need to be renewed.


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