Sales FAQs

  • Our licenses are perpetual (non-expiring), authorizing the customer to use a specific version of the software indefinitely. The license is paid for once and does not need to be renewed.


  • Upon a successful purchase, you will have an account with access to our support ticket system for the duration you selected during the purshasing. In addition, your web account will have an active download link for the same duration  (Files tab). This link will be updated when a new version is released. That way, you can keep your installations up to date.

  • As a reseller you can buy the product via our webshop, by selecting the Reseller option. You will then be asked to provide an e-mail of your customer to send license keys, login and download information.

  • Our licences are perpetual and it is possible to purchase maintenance (support & upgrades) up to 3 years, meaning that we don't offer renewals or subscriptions. You need to purchase the product with a desired maintenance duration upfront.

  • Upon a successful purchase, you will be sent up to three e-mails:

    • Your order details
    • A one-time download link for instant download
    • Information about the "Support and Upgrade Protection" role
    • One another optional e-mail about your newly created account (title An administrator created account for you), giving you access to the following features:
      • Download link via Files tab. By using that link, you will get access to updated versions of the product for the upgrade protection period selected during purchasing (1, 2 or 3 years).
      • Register support cases at a private support ticket system
      • Support downloads like patches, feature packs and trial editions.

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