Nagwin updated with Nagios Core 4.0.7


Nagwin version 2.2.1 contains the latest available Nagios Core 4.0.7 with bug fixes. It has also OpenSSH 1.0.1h addressing multiple security vulnerabilities (in the case you use Secure HTTPS via Nginx)


Changelog for Nagios Core:


  • Fixed bug #616: Unescape plugin output read from checkresult files, fix multiline perf data concatenation, and avoid extra memory allocation and copies. (Eric Mislivec)
  • Fixed bug #609: Image on home page doesn't have correct image path prefix. (Derek Brewer)
  • Fixed bug #608: Extra newline in service check timeout output string. (Mauno Pihelgas)
  • Fixed bug #596: Crashes checking contact authorization for host escalations. (Alexey Dvoryanchikov - duplicates #590, #586)
  • Fixed bug #496: Syntax error in exfoliation's common.css. (Karsten Weiss)