How can I secure connections between windows rsync clients and cwRsync servers ?

**UPDATED 17.03.2014 **

Assuming that you want to synchronize c:\documents and settings\user on WINCLIENT to c:\backup on WINSERVER :


  • Install Copssh and cwRsync server. Use the same service account.
  • Start RsyncServer and OpenSSHD services
  • Activate a user and create a PKA key pair via Copssh control panel:

Create a PKA key pair with empty passphrase via Copssh Control Panel


  • Transfer user's private key file to WINCLIENT.
  • Make sure that the user and the service account has write access to c:\backup
  • Add a new module to rsyncd.conf :

path = /cygdrive/c/backup
read only = false
transfer logging = yes



  • Install cwRsync with Secure Channel Wrapper
  • Start Secure Channel Wizard and specify private key file location, WINSERVER and rsync command:

cwRsync Secure Channel Wizard - screen 1


  • Click next and replace SvcwRsync by the user activated at the server side via Copssh Control Panel:

cwRsync Secure Channel Wizard - screen 2

  • Save contents as a batch for further operations and/or scheduling.

NB! You must forward ssh port 22 to WINSERVER at the edge of your secure network (your router/firewall). I recommend strongly to tighten security further by using options available in rsync and openssh (host limitations, secrets file ...).