How can I distribute signatures offline ?

Sometimes it might be necessary to make signatures available by other means than login/startup scripts or group policies. You may have users with occasional access to your corporate network, or you want to distribute signatures by e-mail or a web site. Adolsign's makepackage can be useful for offline distribution.


adolsign --makepackage --user myuser --sig standard --addfile corporate.jpg --vcard

The command above

  • creates the signature files standard.txtstandard.htm or standard.rtf (at least one!), by mapping scan codes to Active Directory properties for the user myuser
  • picks up the image file corporate.jpg, assuming that it is used in the standard.htm
  • creates the vcard file standard.vcf
  • packs all of the files above into a tiny installer called myuser_signature_NNNN.exe

You can then make the signature installer available to your user. The signature standard will be available in Outlook, when the installer is run on his/her PC.

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