cwToolbox is a convenient collection of tools to support automation/scripting of various system administration tasks. It is a packaging of GNU Coreutils, GNU Diffutils, GNU Findutils, Dateutils, Gawk, Sed, Bash shell, Mintty terminal emulator and Cygwin.

List of tools:

chroot, dateconv, dirname, grcat, ls, nohup, readlink, sha512sum, tar, uniq, arch, cksum, datediff, du, grep, md5sum, nproc, realpath, shred, tee, unlink, b2sum, cmp, dategrep, echo, groups, mintty, numfmt, rebase, shuf, test, users, base32, code, dateround, env, gzip, mkdir, od, rm, sleep, timeout, vdir, base64, comm, dateseq, expand, head, mkfifo, paste, rmdir, sort, touch, wc, basename, cp, datesort, expr, hostid, mkgroup, pathchk, runcon, split, tr, which, bash, csplit, datetest, factor, id, mknod, pinky, sdiff, stat, true, who, bc, cut, datezone, false, install, mkpasswd, pr, sed, stdbuf, truncate, whoami, bigram, cygcheck, dd, find, join, mktemp, printenv, seq, strptime, tsort, xargs, cat, cygpath, df, fmt, less, mount, printf, sh, stty, tty, xxd, chcon, cygrunsrv, diff, fold, link, mv, ps, sha1sum, sum, u2d, yes, chgrp, d2u, diff3, frcode, ln, nano, ptx, sha224sum, sync, umount, chmod, date, dir, gawk, locate, nice, pwcat, sha256sum, tac, uname, chown, dateadd, dircolors, gkill, logname, nl, pwd, sha384sum, tail, unexpand



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