Copssh Control Panel and existing installations

As of version 4.0.0, Copssh comes with the Basic Edition of Control Panel GUI simplifying administration tasks. Due to some major design changes, however, it may create some hassle for existing installations with many users:

  • Control Panel does not use files /etc/passwd and /etc/groups any longer for user activation. Those files are created with all users and groups every time there is a configuration change regarding users.
  • Control Panel uses match directives in /etc/sshd_config to manage access. IMHO, it is a better and more flexible way than the previous approach:
    • More granular configuration - you can specify password auth, pka auth, tcp forwarding on user level.
    • This approach has better support for other types of authentication systems and future enhancements
    • You can activate groups, hosts and addresses including networks (advanced edition only)

Command line support in Control Panel will be introduced later. In the meantime, you can simply add a user block to copsshcp.config file either manually or automatically:

[User domain\username]
Command=Linux shell and Sftp

That will give the same functionalty as previous versions offer.