winrpe - Nagios NRPE for Windows


Winrpe is a Nagios NRPE implementation for Windows systems. It is a packaging of Nagios NRPE addon, Xinet, Cygwin and a collection of windows specific NRPE plugins for monitoring cpu, disk, memory, eventlog, services and performance counters. It can easily be expanded by other plugins.

The Nagios NRPE addon(link is external) allows you to execute Nagios plugins on remote machines, enabling you to monitor local resources like CPU load, memory and disk usage. Since these resources are not usually exposed to other machines, an agent like Winrpe must be installed on the remote Windows machines. Xinetd(link is external) is an open source super server daemon, which features a variety of access control (tcp wrappers) and configuration mechanisms (time and connection limits) and extensive logging. Cygwin(link is external) is a Linux-like environment for Windows. It consists of a DLL (cygwin1.dll), which emulates substantial Linux API functionality, and a collection of tools.

Itefix provides a virtual test lab in where you can try our products with full functionality. At the moment we have 7 hosts (Windows 7, Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2012 R2, Windows 10, Windows 2016, Windows 2019 and Lubuntu 16.04 for Unix scenarios). Our lab has no Internet access. All lab computers are refreshed every three hours.

Itefix software is available via a URL on the desktop. You have also access to some popular 3rd party software to test client scenarios. Download the software to lab computers which share the same network, so it is possible to experiment with multiple hosts. A network diagram showing the connectivity is available via the URL.

Our lab has also a Lubuntu 16.04 desktop to test Unix/X windows scenarios. In the case you need to login via ssh from an other test computer, you can use following credentials: user lab1user, pwd user1lab

Winrpe - NRPE for Windows
USD 15.00

The product is a bundle containing Winrpe agent installers for 32-bit and 64-systems.

Quantity is the number of computers to install the product.


Supported platforms : Vista/2008/7/2012/8/10/2016

Winrpe is available as a zip file containing an installer. Simply unzip your downloaded copy and run the package "winrpe_x.x.x_Installer.exe":

  1. Accept License agreement.
  2. Specify an installation location.
  3. (Pre 5.2.x) Specify a service account for the Xinet service.
  4. Installation starts. By clicking 'Details' button, you can get more detailed information about installation. Check if everything seems ok.

Winrpe is now installed and Xinet is activated as a manual service with a proper configuration to serve nrpe requests. Consult documentation from start menu for more information about components installed.



You need to update the configuration file nrpe.cfg (available from start menu) according to your needs and change the start mode to  automatic. You can also enhance your Winrpe installation by other NRPE plugins from NagiosExchange (link is external)or SourceForge(link is external).

Example use of Winrpe with Nagwin:  Basic monitoring of Windows hosts via Winrpe


This one is easy too:

  1. Make sure that no monitors are connected.
  2. Choose Uninstall from Start menu. Again, you can monitor uninstallation process by clicking 'Details' button. 

How can I use Winrpe without SSL ?

FAQYou may be interested in using Winrpe without SSL as the NRPE communication flows through other secure channels like vpns or port forwarders.


  • On the monitored host with Winrpe: Update file etc\xinetd.d\nrpe and add option -n to server_args parameter:

# default: on
# description: NRPE
service nrpe
flags = REUSE
port = 5666
socket_type = stream       
wait = no
user = SvcXinet
server = /bin/nrpe
server_args = -n -c /nrpe.cfg --inetd
log_on_failure += USERID
disable = no
# only_from       = <ipaddress1> <ipaddress2> ...

  • On the monitoring host: Add the option -n to your check_nrpe commands.

How can I install Winrpe silently ?

Winrpe can be installed silently by using the switches below:

(Pre-5.2.x) Winrpe_x.x.x_Installer.exe /u=user /p=password /S

where user/password specify the service account credentials

(5.2.x or later) Winrpe_x.x.x_Installer.exe /S

You can also specify a new installation directory by the /D switch:

Winrpe_x.x.x_Installer.exe ..... /D=C:\test\winrpe

 This package contains components with following terms of licensing:


Component Version Licensing
NRPE 3.2.1 NRPE license Source code for NRPE is available here.
Crypto library LibreSSL 2.7.2 LibreSSL license
Cygwin and GNU tools 2.10.0 CYGWIN license Source code for Cygwin and GNU Tools are available here.


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