ciXwin update

ciXwin with X server 1.17.4 and more

ciXwin - X server for Windows

ciXwin 1.3.2 bundle with 32-/64-bit installers are updated with the latest available version of server (1.17.4). Cygwin/GNU Tools and openssh client are also refreshed. 




Introducing Pnacssh - Passive Nagios checks via SSH

Winrpe - NRPE for Windows

Pnacssh is a versatile tool to set up secure passive monitoring via ssh with a few steps. Nagios passive checks are a convenient way to gather monitoring information from hosts which somehow are not available for active checks, and SSH offers a well proven framework for secure communications. Pnacssh is capable to automate all steps involved in secure passive monitoring. All Pnacssh functionality is available as a small perl script and a set of templates, making deployment and further customization an easy task.

ciXwin with a new connect wizard and more ...

ciXwin - X server for Windows

Both product and free editions of ciXwin are updated with the latest available version of server (1.17.1). ciXwin installers come with a Connect Wizard helping you to initiate ssh connections to run your favorite remote X programs/window managers:


cwDup refreshed with the latest binaries

cwDup refreshed

We have updated our cwDup package with the latest available binaries. cwDup is a Duplicity implementation for Windows systems. Duplicity is an encrypted bandwidth-efficient backup solution using the rsync algorithm.

ciXwin with X-server 1.15

ciXwin - X Server for WindowsciXwin 1.1.0 contains the latest available X-Server version 1.15. It has also updated OpenSSH (6.5) and Cygwin (1.7.27) binaries. Yo do not need to update the cixwin.cmd any longer: It's created automatically - just click on it and your X server will be on!

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