cwGit client - Git console for Windows

cwGit client 1.7.0

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cwGit client 1.6.0

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cwGit client 1.5.0

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cwGit client 1.4.0

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cwGit client 1.3.0

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cwGit client 1.2.0

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cwGit client is a Git console for Windows systems with ssh/ssl support. It is a packaging of Git, OpenSSH, OpenSSL, Cygwin and many other related tools to provide you a simple and ready-to-use Git console.

Installation: Run the installer which only extracts the contents to a directory of your choice (portable mode). No other changes will be made at your system.

Uninstallation is no more than to remove the directory itself.


    • Run cwgit.cmd at the root of the directory and create a PKA key pair.  Protection of the private key by a passphrase is strongly recommended. Example:
      ssh-keygen -t ed25519

 Files %USERPROFILE%\.ssh\id_ed25519 (private key) and %USERPROFILE%\.ssh\ (public key) will be created.


  • Copy your public key to the server holding your remote repositories:
cat ~/.ssh/ | ssh user@git-server 'cat >> .ssh/authorized_keys && echo "Key copied"'


  • Exit cwgit.cmd and start it again. You will now see that ssh key agent is initiated if not done before, and asks your passphrase to keep your private key(s) available securely during the session.
Enter passphrase for /cygdrive/c/Users/user/.ssh/id_ed25519:
Identity added: /cygdrive/c/Users/user/.ssh/id_ed25519 (user@server)

|-- user@server:~ --|

In addition, you need to issue following commands to setup your Git identity: 

git config --global "Full name"
git config --global e.mail@add.ress

A simple git session can look like: 

git clone user@server:repos/repo-a local-repo-a
cd local-repo-a
make changes
git commit -a -m "commit message"
git push


Integration with Git GUIs

cwGit client has all Git Core binaries/setup needed to support a Git GUI. See FAQs section for tested scenarios.