Wrong Purchase

I created Order# T3T4X5. The problem is that I thought I was ordering portForMe. My bad for working on this so late. Anyway before I ask you to do anything, I have some questions.


1) Does the Copssh included with portForMe work exactly the same as the Copssh I accidently purchased? To be more specific, in the Copssh included with portForMe can I create a user that can perform all SSH functions including creating any combination and number of Local, Remote and Dynamic tunnels ingnoring the "Services" tab and without needing to creat a client access package?

1a) If I can have the best of both worlds, users with no limits and users that can only access specific ports as explained above, what prevents so called limited users from gaining full access. e.g. Let say someone gives me one of these client access packages and either a private key, password or both. What would prevent me from accessing the server with putty and my private key and or password and creating any tunnels I want?

1b) If the Copssh included with portForMe does not allow users with no limits and users that can only access specific ports, then do you have a solution to allow this on the same system?


2) If portForMe provides the best of both worlds, then I would like my license to be for portForMe rather than just Copssh. If that is not the case, I would like to review your responses to my questions before I request anything.


3) I have had some issues with getting Copssh working and have found some things that you may want to address.

3a) If there is a problem getting Copssh working and the service is stopped so you click the big button with the red sphere in it next to "Service is stopped." in the "Status" tab, the COPSSH Control Panel closes and nothing changes. There is no error. In my case it was that the password in the service did not match the password for the SvcCOPSSH user. Perhaps an error should be generated rather than the COPSSH Control Panel just closing.

3b) There is a button labeled "Advanced Edition?" in the "About" tab. This opens the following URL which does not exist.


3c) I downloaded and installed what is supposed to be Copssh 4.3.0, but the version information in the readme, does not match this, see below.


COPSSH  4.2.3

OpenSSH 5.9p1

Openssl 0.9.8t

Cygwin  1.7.9

Zlib    1.2.3

Copssh Control Panel 2.1.2



1. Yes. You can do all Copssh specific things as well, in addition to PortforMe features.

2. Well, PortForMe clients are made to make port forwarding/tunneling easy. If you know what you're doing, you can setup those tunnels manually yourself. Best protection can be achieved by using PKA clients with a passphrase protected private key. You can also limit access by specifying specifi hosts and networks.

3a/b/c. Thanks for your feedback. We are preparing a new version of Control Panel and will address those issues as well.

If you're interested, We can convert your license to PortForMe.

Yes please convert the license to PortForMe. I assume the current price is a promotion, otherwise why would any one get Copssh when PortForMe is the same plus more for the same price.


BTW, part of the issue in 3a I believe is an installer issue either not properly settings the SvcCOPSSH password or not settings the correct password in the service entry or both.


Also, know of a Windows ssh client that stays up to date with OpenSSH releases? Since PuTTY was not updated for years before the 6.x releases that came out resently, it does not seem like it would keep up with the OpenSSH project. I know the Putty SVN was updated between the last offical release and the new 6.x releases and that will probably continue. I use Xming Portable PuTTY that keeps up with the PuTTY SVN. However, I have never seen anything that indicates keeping up with OpenSSH. I have been looking at tunnelier and I know there is a somewhat high dollar ($100+ per license) SSH client for Windows, but I forget the name of it. Anyway, your suggestions are welcome. No, I will not continue bug/clog your support queue with questions like this. This is the only one.

Afaik, putty works just fine and is my favorite as well. Unfortunately, I don't have a recommendation list regarding ssh clients. Most of them are commercial solutions. Your Copssh license is now converted to PortForMe. You can download it from My Files tab available from your itefix.no account. Closing the case ...