Winrpe 3.0.3 fixes service start problems

WINRPE - A yet another Nagios NRPE Agent for Windows
Version 3.0.3 - April 2011


 1. BUG FIX - Service doesn't start due to account/group information

    Version 3.0.2 was supposed to solve that problem. However, a glitch
    caused this not to happen. The installer creates and runs the batch
    file "bin/winrpe_make_pwdgrp.cmd" for proper population of etc/passwd
    and etc/group files. That batch file can be reused for repopulation
    of related files in the case service account change.

 2. UPDATE - Default service account is deleted during uninstallation

    User defined service account will not deleted in the case the account
    is in use for other purposes.
 3. UPDATE - check_pdm for processor/disk and memory checks.
    Winrpe has the same check_pdm as Nagwin uses for its local checks.
    It should now work properly for NRPE checks.
 4. UPDATE - Reduction in the installer size

    Perl-based plugins use now a common perl dll.