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first of all - your new version is verry great! Thank you!

Our Windows-Cluster has some service-IP-adresses on which i will use rsyncd. Now when i install cwrsyncserver the installation create a user (svcwrsync) with all rights for this service, but we need a Domain-User that can do the job.
What rights, permissions, should this user become?
Have you got a script that can create this special useraccount?

Thanks in advance


Last seen: 4 days 18 hours ago
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Re: W2K-Cluster

There are two scenarios :

  • Rsync Server w/o openssh server. User SvcwRsync is an ordinary user with service logon rights only.
  • Rsync Server with openssh server
  • . User SvcwRsync is member of administrators group and has following user rights :

    • Create a token object
    • Replace a process level token
    • Adjust memory quotas for a process
    • Log on as a service
    • Act as part of operating system

    Since this account is a powerful one, following rights are denied :

    • Log on locally
    • Log on as a batch job
    • Log on through terminal services
    • Access to this computer from the network

You should update file setperms.cmd with your domain account and run again to reflect permission changes on installation directory.

You might also consider to update registry with the new service account (HKLM\Software\Itefix\cwRsyncServer\ServiceAccount). NB! Running cwRsync uninstallation program will remove this account. You're warned!

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