Using PortForMe on win2k8r2 x64



I'm having trouble connecting to win2k8r2 x64 server where PortForMe package is installed.  After setting up the package and generating the client exe file I'm able to successfully connect to the server via PK authentication.  When I click on the RDP icon, I get the following message:

"The client could not connect.  You are already connected to the console of this computer.  A new console session cannot  be established"


(Ofcourse I've made sure I'm not connected to that server via any other method when I attempted this via the client exe that was producted by PortForMe)


Also, I noticed that the standalone CopSSH package has been updated to a newer release, will the PortForMe package also get the same update to its CopSSH part?


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Portforme's RDP client is compatible for older versions of Windows. You need to configure remote settings on your server to allow connections from computers running any version of remote desktop.

PortForMe will soon be updated with a newer Copssh installer.


"Allow connections from computers running any version of remote desktop" is already selected .... however, as part of security meaure, the follow policy is set:

Network Security: LAN manager authentication level = Send NTLMv2 responses only.  Refuse LM & NTLM

I guess this is probably what is preventing the RDP connection.


Any published roadmap for when PortForMe will be updated?  Will the newer COPSSH version for PortForMe support newer RDP clients? 





No published roadmap at the moment. However, we take it as a feature request and will introduce support for newer rdp clients in the next release.

My goal is to be able to RDP from Windows 7 x64  to a Win2k8r2 x64 server via ssh.

Just to clarify:  Does the newer release of  COPSSH support the RDP client that comes with windows 7? 

If so, can my subscription be converted to COPSSH so that I can use RDP from Windows 7






PortForMe and Copssh are not same products. PortForMe uses Copssh to implement its server part on Windows machines. Copssh has no capability of creating client access software.


goal:  I need to be able to RDP to win2k8r2x64 via SSH.


So far both PortForMe client and putty tunnelling RDP did not work with the bundled COPSSH server in PortForMe package.  That is why I'm asking if the current version of COPSSH (newer than packaged version in PortForMe) will allow me to RDP via putty or some other similar tool.

Please convert my PortForMe subscription into COPSSH so that I can download the latest COPSSH version.  I will use tools such as putty and try to figure out RDP access.





We don't offer any upgrade/downgrade path between our products unless there is a well founded request behind it. You claim that PortForMe doesn't work for RDP connections to Windows 2008 R2 systems. It simply does: If you have a look at the video for PortForMe introduction, you will see that RDP target machine is a Windows 2008 R2 host. I use also PortForMe daily to access my server farm consisting of many Windows and Linux variants including Windows 2008 R2.

What we can offer in this channel is to help you to solve your problems related to the product you bought. If you want to discuss something else including refund, please use the contact form.

The problem was in Layer 8 :)

COPSSH control panel -> Access Control tab -> Allow TCP forwarding needs to be checked


PortForMe client is now working.


Ah, that was it As I mentioned before, All you expect from Copssh is also available via PortForMe as it contains Copssh itself as the server component.