TXT signatures not working correctly

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TXT signatures not working correctly

Hi Contents of txt signature soc.txt: Med venlig hilsen field_fullname field_title Direkte tlf. field_telephone Contents of adolsign.config: [Signature %logonserver%\netlogon\signatur\soc\soc] Group=Outlooksignatur Vcard=0 NewDefault=1 ReplyDefault=1 AddFile=\\vlogon\netlogon\signatur\soc\soc-files When running adolsign HTM and RTF signatures are generating correctly with all fields replaced by AD content, but we get a txt signature like the following: Med venlig hilsen ਍昀椀攀氀搀开昀甀氀氀渀愀洀攀ഀഀ field_title ਍䐀椀爀攀欀琀攀 琀氀昀⸀ 昀椀攀氀搀开琀攀氀攀瀀栀漀渀攀 I see another post about plain text signatures getting ruined, but it has no solution. How do we resolve this? Best regards Jørgen Frederiksen

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Can you try one of the

Can you try one of the following ?


  • save signature soc.txt file in ANSI format and run Adolsign as usual
  • save signature soc.txt in UTF-8 format run Adolsign with --utf8 switch

Please let me know about the results. I am working on a patch to handle various encoding issues.

Saved as ANSI and it works

Saved as ANSI and it works like a charm

.... so plain text isn't just plain text ;-)
Thanks a bundle

Best regards
Jørgen Frederiksen

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