RSync Hangs

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RSync Hangs

I have RSync setup to backup about 1.5TB of data nightly. The file system is very large.

Every night it hangs with no error messages. One thing I noticed is in task manager it is alway taking up 133,172K of memory when it hangs.

Is there a limit on memory or how large a file system RSync can backup?


Setup is 4.0.3 on a Windows 2003 R2 server running as the deamon and 2.1.4 Update 400 on the client side. We are running that version on the client because we need long file name support and other versions don't have it, we got errors on the 3.x and 4.x versions and the 4.x versions of the client hang on large files.

Anyone have ideas?

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You may try version 4.0.3

You may try version 4.0.3 with patch 100

cwRsync 4.0.3 patch 100 - rsync without socketpairs

I discovered what the 'hangs'

I discovered what the 'hangs' are.


Seems the --no-whole-file isn't working and RSync is transferring whole files, hoewever the hanging is that it does it 256k at a time and then waits about 5 seconds before the next 256k.

I'll try the new version I guess as my current clients are 2.1.4 Update 400.