Please enable SSL

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Please enable SSL


Nagwin has no built-in support for SSL atm. Surely, nginx (web server used by Nagwin) has support for it, but It's not implemented. I will investigate this a little bit. Maybe, it is so simple as delivering a patch. That would be nice if you register it as a feature request at case tracker at


Dear Itefix,

Recently I bought NagWin to use Nagios for Windows. At this point I'm trying to enable SSL but I get stuck with this error message from nginx-stderr.log:

: the "ssl" parameter requires ngx_http_ssl_module in /etc/nginx/nginx.conf:36

There seems to be an SSL module missing from the compiled NagWin. I'm not sure what to do however because I can't find anything about this at your forum/knowledgebase.

Please advise?

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Planned to support in the

Planned to support in the next version.