NTFS File Permissions

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NTFS File Permissions

Using RSync 4.0.4 on the server and client. Server has an environment variable called "CYGWIN" with a value of nontsec .


Our destination data is no longer copying over. We back up 63 servers at night many with numerous shares on them and NTFS permissions. We need the permissions to get copied with the data.

At one time they were with the nontsec variable set but now they are not and it's a problem. Anyone else have a solution?

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permission issue - probably causes on the same issue

Using Rsync 4.0.4 client on win7 ultimate 32bit.

If i perform a sync between a local drive and webdrive (Strato Hidrive - linux based) i get an permission error

It seems that "cygwin=nontsec" is ignored

The same issue is exactly described here: