Nagwin updated with Nagios Core 4.0.5 and more


Nagwin version 2.1.0 contains the latest available Nagios Core 4.0.5 with security and significant bug fixes. We have also updated Cygwin binaries/DLLs and tools to their latest available versions. Exfoliation theme is also back as the default theme. Nagwin service handler is also improved to handle process termination better.


Changelog for Nagios Core 4.0.5:


  • Fixed bug #595: Nagios 4 security fix (Alexey Dvoryanchikov, Eric Stanley)
  • Fixed bug #594: Nagios 4 fix contactgroups parsing (Alexey Dvoryanchikov, Eric Stanley)
  • Fixed bug #577: Nagios 4 checks stalled when write to socket failed (Alexey Dvoryanchikov)
  • Fixed bug #580: Nagios 4 memory leak (Eric Stanley)
  • Fixed init script to remove the switching of users when performing configuration verification which was causing failures if nagios user was set to nologin (Scott Wilkerson)
  • Fixed auto creation of RAMDISK via environment variables in init script to properly check existence using $RAMDISK_DIR environment variable. (Scott Wilkerson)
  • Fixed unreferenced variable NagiosVarDir in daemon-init (Eric Mislivec)
  • Fixed bug where audio alerts wouldn't work with a 0 height and width - (Scott Wilkerson)