Nagwin update - 2.6.0 (SECURITY)

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Nagwin 2.6.0 is a major feature and security update containing the lates versions of Nagios Core (4.2.1),  Nginx (1.11.4), PHP (5.6.26), Cygwin (2.6.0) and more. Windows XP/2003 are not supported any longer.

Nagios security fixes: CVE-2008-4796, CVE-2013-4214, Fix for a Cross-Site Request Forgery attack vulnerability

Nginx security fixes: CVE-2016-4450, CVE-2016-0742, CVE-2016-0746, CVE-2016-0747

PHP: CVE-2016-7416, CVE-2016-7412, CVE-2016-7414, CVE-2016-7417, CVE-2016-7411, CVE-2016-7413, CVE-2016-7418