Nagwin with Nagios Core 4.0.3


Nagwin version 2.0.2 contains the latest available Nagios Core 4.0.3 which is primarily a bug fix release. We have also updated Cygwin binaries/DLLs and tools.


Changelog for Nagios Core 4.0.3:


  • Aliased hourly_value to importance and minimum_value to minimum_importance and deprecated the former (Eric Stanley)
  • Added host and service importance macros (Eric Stanley)
  • Added notifications on flexible downtime expiration (Dan Wittenberg)


  • Bug #548: Temporary fix that rejects all external command during restart to prevent Core from crashing (Eric Stanley)
  • Corrected calculation of host importance and importance defaults (Eric Stanley)
  • Fixed bug #498: Nagios 4 enable_environment_macros=1 not working (Eric Stanley, Alexey Dvoryanchikov)
  • No longer checks whether logs can be written when verifying configuration (Eric Stanley)
  • Fixed CGI bug where the CGI could read past the end of the list of CGI variables, potentially crashing the CGI (Scott Wilkerson)
  • Fixed inheritance of hourly_value from host and service templates (Scott Wilkerson)
  • Fixed bug #502: 4.0.0: Configuration -> Service Escalations = incomplete list (Eric Stanley)
  • Fixed bug #523: quotes and double quotes in plugin message are converted to HTML escapes in Nagios 4.0 (duplicate of bug #524)
  • Fixed bug #524: URLs returned in plugin check results are not correctly displayed (Eric Stanley)
  • Fixed bug where passive service checks would return "Service check timed out after 0.00 seconds" (Scott Wilkerson)