Monitoring Natted Hosts on Multiple external networks

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Monitoring Natted Hosts on Multiple external networks


We've installed Nagwin, and it works like a dream. However, we managed to get all local internal hosts monitored and managed to monitor 1 server behind each natted router at our clients' sites with dyndns on DSL links.

We played around with adding the second host on the remote network and changed the port to 5667, as well as added commands and the Nagwin server to listen on port 5667, ( as suggested by a post her esomewhere)

Both hosts however return the same data on the services, as I believe they resolve to the same IP address on the natted DNS address.

What would be the correct way and best way to monitor more than one host behind a natted firewall?


Thank you

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All hosts behind a nat layer

All hosts behind a nat layer has the same address at Nagwin side. You need to send monitoring results from the client side using a passive monitoring element like NSCA. Unfortunately, this is not supported at the moment. One other solution can be to send external commands from client to Nagwin.

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