Monitoring Linux Virtual machine

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Monitoring Linux Virtual machine


I have installed "Nagwin" in windows machine, I want to monitor the number of Linux Virtual machine.

please tell me what are the steps?

How Nagwin (which is installed in windows machine) will monitor the linux virtual machine?

What needs to installed in Linux virtual Machine? 

Do we need to install anything on the windows machine?

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check our usage example

You need to setup NRPE at the Linux nodes to be monitored.



I have one windows machine where nagios installed. another one linux machine where Nagios plugin and NRPE daemon so totally i have two machines.

 Is this possible to monitor linux host from Windows PC?

As per NRPE.pdf, i have installed below things in the linux host.

1) Installed the Nagios Plugins

2) Installed xinetd

3) Installed the NRPE daemon

In windows machine, i have installed nagios. The Nagwin is running fine on windows PC and i am able to monitor localhostIs there anything i need to install it on windows machine? i have configured linux host info in cfg file as below in windows machine.define host{use                     linux-server            host_name               xxxx.xxxx.xxxxalias                   xxxxaddress       } define service{use generic-servicehost_name xxxx.xxxx.xxxxservice_description CPU Loadcheck_command check_nrpe!check_load}


I am getting below error, please help me out. Any contact person?

"(Return code of 255 is out of bounds) ", 

Below error i am getting in nagios.log file.

 wproc:   stdout line 03: Error: Can't resolve hostname (smtp.server).[1467883627] Warning: Return code of 255 for check of service '/dev/sda1 Free Space' on host '' was out of bounds.[1467883627] Warning: Return code of 255 for check of service 'Current Users' on host '' was out of bounds

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