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monitor oracle rac



 I need to try to and monitor 3 Oracle Rac nodes with the check_oracle plugin. For now we're just trying to accomplish basic database alive and TNS ping. The poblem I'm experiencing is that the ORACLE_SID value 'floats' betweeen the 3 nodes. And by that I mean that where normally a line like this in nrpe.cfg would work:


command[check_ora_tnsping_ourdb]=/opt/nagios/libexec/check_ourdb_tnsping --tns OUR_SID_1  dbaccount secret



It will only work for a period of time. Eventually any given node could come to host:


  • OUR_SID_1
  • OUR_SID_2 or
  • OUR_SID_3


So, my question is: is there any way to get the SID to be some sort of variable that could host any of the sid values that will come into play?  Such as OUR_SID_* ? I've tried playing with it a bit but have yet to come across the right syntax (if it exists).




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