How can I activate syslog for ssh/sftp logging !

By default, Copssh uses Windows event log for ssh logging. Sftp logging for isolated home sftp directories doesn't work as expected however. Follow steps below to activate a syslog based logging which works for both ssh and sftp logging:

  • Run the installer appropriate for your installation (x86/32-bit, x64/64-bit). It will automatically update your Copssh installation by installing a syslog service.
  • Start SyslogServer service (it will create the socket /dev/log for syslog operations)
  • Make sure that both ssh and sftp logging are set to eventlog via Copssh Control Panel
  • Restart the service via Copssh Control Panel
  • Default syslog configuration sends all log messages to /var/log/messages. Syslog configuration file is located at /etc.

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