Hard state is wrong state

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Hard state is wrong state

Hello everyone,

I am running Nagwin 1.3.1 free edition on a Windows Server 2003 box.

After setting up Nagwin itself, and configuring some Windows server to be monitored using the NRPE-client everything went well for a few days. Today, however, desaster struck.

When one of my Windows servers went down due to a hardware failure, Nagwin showed the machine to be up and running, meaning that in Nagwin's web-interface everything showed green, and no notifcations whatsoever where sent.

When looking at the Host State Information, I realised, that the server's state of being UP, was set at Hard State, and the last sheduled check was several hours past, so I assume, that this is causing the problem.

I am not aware of having changed anything in my configuration, to cause this change of behaviour, nor have I found a relevant seting in my configuration files.

Could anybody give me a hint on where to start looking, to change to "Hard State behaviuor" ?

Thank you very much in advance.




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