Gitwin Usage



Gitwin supports Ssh protocol:

  • You need to activate a user for ssh access. User git created by the installer can be used for that purpose. Activation is done via Copssh Control Panel.
  • Your ssh-activated user needs to be enabled for public key authentication (pka). This can be done by clicking Keys button for the selected user in the Control Panel. You can either import a public key of your own (Import button), or let the pka wizard (Add button) create a pka key pair for you.
  • Create a git repository. It is so simple as to enter the command below from the Bash shell (available from Copssh start menu):
git init --bare /home/youruser/repo-a

You can now access your newly created repository from Git clients by using the url below:


Gitwin supports Smart HTTP(S) protocol with fallback to the dumb HTTP(S):

  • By default, neither authentication nor encrypted communication are enabled. It is strongly recommended that either basic or LDAP authentication is activated and a third party certificate is installed for secure communications.
  • By default, repositories in /home/git directory can be accessed. For read access, the file git-daemon-export-ok must exist in the repository. Authentication is strongly recommended. Following commands will clone the repository repo-a via http:


Gitwin supports Gitweb with Highlight and Gravatar support, which is available via http://localhost:9610. By default, Gitweb publishes Git repositories located at /home/git directory, with the file GITWEB_EXPORT_OK file existing in their .git directories. The built-in web server supports SSL communication, as well as basic/LDAP(Active Directory) authentication. Consult Git FAQs for recipes.


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