fstab or module limit?

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fstab or module limit?

Setting up remote servers on version 4.0.4 of Rsync and get chdir failed errors on the client. All the paths are correct in the server fstab and rsync.conf files and the rsync command on the client.

Experimented and foudn that moving the server module and the fstab line up in the list in the respective file and it works.

Is there a limit to how many modules you can run on an RSync server? Seems it stops working after 27 and anything after that no longer works.

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Yep, just noticed there is a

Yep, just noticed there is a 30 mount limit to Cygwin hardcoded. Hence with the three default mounts and 27 more, limit reached.

Interesting. We have 63 servers that back up every night. Each backs up to a folder in a network share. So I set up modules to point to the folder for each server. Things went fine until I hit the limit.

I then experimented and cut the server out of the loop. Running RSync command on the remote server and instead of using rsynchost::module I just used the UNC path. Runs fine but there is also a line that comes up when the command launches that never did before, says "Delta-transmission enabled". interesting that it never came up before.