Filter on multiple processes not working

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Filter on multiple processes not working

I am trying to use the filter option to check for 3 different processes that have to be running for an application to function.  I am using this syntax:

check_winprocess.exe --filter "imagename eq SdcPark.exe","imagename eq SdcPIM_P.exe","imagename eq SDCTcp.exe" --compare ne --critical 3

I cannot get any iteration of filter to work that includes more than one process name.  I tried both the comma-separated option as well as using multiple --filter tags.  The error I receive from the above command is:

PROCESS CRITICAL - 0 process(es)|processes=0;;3;

Checking these processes individually works great, and if necessary I can call check_winprocess for each process I want to monitor.  However, it would be great if I could configure only one check for all three since these processes are all necessary for the one application to work.

Anyone out there have an idea as to why I'm not getting this to work?  FYI - this is running on a 64-bit Windows 2008 R2 Standard Server.



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As described in the documentation, AND operation will be used for multiple filters to select each process. Your filter combination will not work as the same process cannot have three names.


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