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Good morning,

Yesterday in my company I presented the Nagwin with the url: https://monitor.itefix.net/ that you gave me ,and they liked them very much.

I have a three questions, sorry:


1.-Is it possible use the Event_handler with Nagwin?. And If is possible....How?

2.-For a moment, we will buy a one licence, but we want in my windows machine, differents software,my idea is that each software are a host, (for example NagWin and his services, other outlook and his services, other Norton and his services....) in total 7 host and 70 services.

A license is enough, or I need more?

3.-That delivery has the license?

Thanks for your time.




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Hi, Nagwin has full Nagios


  1. Nagwin has full Nagios Core functionality and supports event handlers as well. Please consult Nagios event handler documentation for more details.
  2. Nagwin licensing is based on number of hosts monitored and the default configuration allows 25 hosts with unlimited services. So you're in good shape.
  3. We deliver a bundle containing 32-bit and 64-bit Nagwin installers


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