Elkwin update - 3.0.0

Elkwin Product Edition 3.0.0 comes with the latest versions of Elasticsearch (5.0.1), Logstash (5.0.1) and Kibana (5.0.1). Oracle Java Server is also updated to the latest one (JRE 8 u112). There are breaking changes in 5.x versions of ELK stack components - a fresh install is strongly recommended even though they are capable of handling 2.x generated data.  Please consult links below for more information:

Logstash plugin for Windows eventlogs is not a standard part of the Logstash distribution any longer. You need to install it by using Logstash's plugin manager. See our Elkwin FAQs for recipes.

All console output (stdout & stderr) from the Windows services are logged in logs directory, giving you substantial information about what's going on. You can also check dedicated logs directories of Elasticsearch and Logstash for more detailed information.