(Elkwin) Logstash configuration input.path format

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(Elkwin) Logstash configuration input.path format

What format should I specify for a file path in a logstash configuration file?

Currently I have

input {

     file {
         type => "admin"
         path => ["C:\Elkwin_Free_x64\logstash\data\messages.log"]

 output {
     elasticsearch {
         host => localhost

     stdout {
         codec => rubydebug

I've tried several variations, with / instad of \, but logstash doesn't seem to find my messages.log file, but there is no data showing in stdout.

It also doesn't give me any error message if I specify an unexistent file, so it's hard to narrow down the problem.

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Probably backslashes are treated as a prt of dir globbing. Try replace them by slashes:




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