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Different Questions

Hello there,


thank you for this great port to Windows, i love it.

I have a few questions.


Ill set up the Nagwin Server and iam able to check servers.

Now as iam an IT Department i have customers, ill need to make customer logins so that after login they only see (read only) theire servers.

And because of that i need to declare some kind of groups (customers name) wherer these servers are in.


How is this done ?

Also i need to know how i can check a special service, for example i want to check if the service Teamviewer 7 is running on Server X.


Thank you !

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As a first step, you need to

As a first step, you need to create additional users by using the command below (from a bash prompt):

htpasswd2 -b /etc/nginx/htpasswd user1 password1

You can now login to Nagios page. However, no items will be shown.

As a second step, you can add the new user as a Nagios contact (file etc/nagwin/contacts.cfg ):

define contact{
        contact_name  user1 ; Short name of user
        use                generic-contact     
        alias               My user 1       
        email              user1@email.address    ;

In the case you want more flexibility, I recommend to create a contact group as well (same file)

define contactgroup{
        contactgroup_name       customer1
        alias                   Users of customer 1
        members                 user1

You can now add the following line to all hosts/services which will be visible to customer1:

host {
contact_groups customer1


If you login as a user1, you will see only hosts with contact group customer1 defined.


You can use plugin check_winservice for service checks. You need to install an NRPE-aware client (Winrpe, NSClient++) on your server.