Creatiing public key through the interface cause duplicate

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Creatiing public key through the interface cause duplicate


When using the interface to mange public keys, duplicate keys are created and propagated among users.

Expected Result:
1 key per user

Actual results:
First user has 1 key,
Second user has 2 key (his and first user)
Third user has 3 keys (his and the previous user)
and so on.

How to reproduce.

Create user A
Create user B

Select user A and create a public key for him using the +Add button
Close the "Authorized public keys for A" window

Select user B and open his keys.
User B display having the key created for user A.
However, when looking at the authorized_keys files, only user A has a key definied

Create a public key for user B using the +Add button
Upon saving, user B now display having two public keys, his and the one from user A.
However, both authorized_keys files show having their respective created key.

When clicking Apply in user B, both keys get saved in his authorized_keys.

Now user B has user A and his public key in his authorized_keys


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Ouch That was pretty bad.

Ouch That was pretty bad. Thanks for your feedback. We have now fixed this issue. Please download Control Panel 2.1.3 patch 1001 from the customer download area (login required).