Copssh Permission denied (keyboard-interactive).

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Copssh Permission denied (keyboard-interactive).

I am attempting to upgrade from copSSH version 1.4.5 to 4.0.2 with as little intrusion and reconfiguration as possible on a Windows 2003 server.  I removed 1.4.5, deleted the installation directory (copied to new location prior to delete), and installed 4.0.2 into the same folder destination.  All is well up to this point.  I am testing SSH from a Linux box to the Windows server, previously this worked.  I copied the required keys, known_hosts, etc. from the old install.  I activated the domain user and am unable to SSH from the Linux box.  I recieve 'Permission denied (keyboard-interactive)".  If I create a local user and active, it works perfectly.  I assume it relates to the way the user was activated, the passwd or sshd_config file.  I need to be able to attach to a user activated as a domain account, otherwise I will have a ton of manual work to do.


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I recommend to install the

I recommend to install the latest version 4.2.3, which is available at My files tab on your account page. Please also keep in mind that login names are case sensitive.