Copssh 3.1.4 - J-PAKE protocol

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Copssh 3.1.4 - J-PAKE protocol


I'm trying to find out if J-PAKE protocol is enabled by default in openssh 5.6, which is used in copssh 3.1.4 distribution. Please provide me with this information. The reason I'm asking is vulnerability CVE-2010-4478:

 "OpenSSH 5.6 and earlier, when J-PAKE is enabled, does not properly validate the public parameters in the J-PAKE protocol, which allows remote attackers to bypass the need for knowledge of the shared secret, and successfully authenticate, by sending crafted values in each round of the protocol, a related issue to CVE-2010-4252. "

Thank you.

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Copssh 3.1.4 has OpenSSL

Copssh 3.1.4 has OpenSSL 0.9.8o. However, according to OpenSSL, J-PAKE is still experimental and not activated as default, meaning that Copssh 3.1.4 is not exposed for that vulnerability.



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