Command line user activation in COPSSH 5.4.0

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Command line user activation in COPSSH 5.4.0

hi all,

My copssh version is 5.4.0 free verison.

I amtrying to activate a user in COPSSH through "copsshadm.exe --command activateuser --user TEST--shell /bin/bash --passphrase TESTPASS--noremovehome --nohomelink". But this seems not update copsshcp.config and sshd_config.  

I am not able to login as TEST user. Is command line activation of user not supported in version 5.4.0?

Thanks in advance.


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Command line activation is

Command line activation is not supported versions 4 and higher. Copsshadm is used as an internal tool by the installer. You can use Copssh Control Panel for management.

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