can't add/create key using putty format

after navigating thru the wizard, the key is not created / added.


when a OpenSSH key is created, the client generated by the wizard to perform remote access does not opens OpenSSH format key file.


however, if the OpenSSH key is converted using PuTTYgen, then the same file created previously by the wizard knows how to handle the key file and opens the connection.




İf it is still a problem, please describe steps you took.

add a user to the list of authorized users.


click "Keys..."


click "Add"


click "forward", change from ""OpenSSH" to "Putty" , click "forward", no passphrase, select "Yes, I'm sure", provide a file name, click "forward", click "apply".  


If I'm not wrong, the file created has openssh format, not putty format.



any news ?  no news means good news ?

The wizard works if a passphrase is specified. However, the same can not be said for an empty passphrase. This is a bug. However, regarding security implications of having a private key without passphrase, it is not considered as a high profile weakness/problem.