Bash from copssh can't see any files

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Bash from copssh can't see any files

After we install the copssh v4.9.4,  we found an issue with the file access.  when we open the bash shell,  we can't see any files from that, when we run ls -l ,  we got nothing return.  no matter we cd to /home  or  /bin

But if we just use the windows cmd and run  dir  command,  we can see those files are there.

Not sure if it's any permission issue, the administrator ID already has full control for the ICW  folder, does anyone face the same issue before ?  Because  of this,  the open sshd service couldn't be started.

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Which Windows OS do you get that problem ? It seems that it is related to the permissions. Make sure that both the logged in user and the service account has proper access to directories.


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