Adolsign with full language support


Adolsign 2.5 introduces full language support in templates. While earlier versions were somewhat limited to ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1, Western European primarly), version 2.5 comes with the option --encoding, allowing you to use the language of your choice. A selected set of encodings supported:

ascii,euc-cn,euc-jp,euc-kr,iso-2022-jp,iso-2022-jp-1,iso-2022-kr,iso-8859-1,iso 8859-10,iso-8859-11,iso-8859-13,iso-8859-14,iso-8859-15,iso-8859-16,iso-8859-2,iso-8859-3,iso-8859-4,iso-8859-5,iso-8859-6,iso-8859-7,iso-8859-8,iso-8859-9,UCS-2BE,UCS-2LE,UTF-16,UTF-16BE,UTF-16LE,UTF-32,UTF-32BE,UTF-32LE,UTF-7,utf-8-strict,utf8

A complete list of encodings supported can be achieved by running the command "adolsign --encoding".

Default encoding is still ISO-8859-1. As an example, you can convert your templates to UTF-8 encoding and use the command: 
adolsign --encoding utf8 .....