Adolsign 1.9 is released

At last, a new version of Adolsign is available for download. Version 1.9 introduces two new directives for conditional fields: --anchor and --format. Directive --anchor can be used to produce active links in your signatures, while the directive --format allows you to produce formatted output. You can also use %LOGONSERVER% variable in the configuration file paths, to make location-independent deployments easier.

Adolsign 1.9 has improved support for multiple groups in the configuration file and Office 2007 is now supported in signature installer packages created by the option --makepackage.



Conditional field field_homepage ( --anchor http )field_homepage will produce the html code <a href=http://field_homepage>field_homepage</a>.

Conditional field field_mobilephone( --format "%s%s%s %s%s %s%s%s" )field_mobilephone will produce 123 45 678 if the mobile phone value in AD is 12345678.