Remote uninstallation and re-installation of Copssh

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Remote uninstallation and re-installation of Copssh

Hi everybody,

I have to update a very old version of Copssh free edition.  Since it appears that this is not possible, I'd like to uninstall the old version and install the newest one.  However, I have no physical access to the Windows 7 server.  Is there a way to carry out both uninstallation and new installation within a given ssh session?  I know I can remotely stop the ssh service without loosing connectivity as far as I do not log off, but I don´t want to find myself without a working ssh server for the next couple of months until I can physically access the server.

Thanks for any advice.

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You can't replace a system in

You can't replace a system in use without taking risks of losing connectivity. You need to establish a temporary alternative way for connection - remote desktop or psexec for example. When this is in place, you can then run the copssh uninstallation program, remove the service account and remnants of the installation directory and install the new version.

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