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Buy Nagwin

Good morning,

I have a question about the product NAGWIN.

I have seen the price is $99 for one server, but my questions are:

If I want monitoring the Windows Machine, and I buy the licence for one server, this server is my host (windows machine) or there is a localhost for default.....

And when you indicate the "Devices and computers to monitor", Does it refer to number of services for my host?


Sorry for my questions and Thanks for your time.



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The server is the Windows

The server is the Windows computer you install Nagwin on. Some customers may prefer to install Nagwin on multiple computers for testing or distributed monitoring.

"Devices and computers to monitor" refer to number of computers/devices you can monitor by the installed instances of Nagwin in total. There are no limits on number of services you can monitor.

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Nagios on preprod (testing configurations)

We plan to productively use NagWin on one server - but would like to use another system as a preprod system to test the same configuration first whether it runs fine.

Do we require a second license just for that system as well? It will not be used productively, but we need to be sure that the config changes we plan to implement on the prod system will still allow our prod server to run fine.. How do other customers handle this? Will the free edition be sufficient for us as a testing platform?

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