build 'none' cipher support into ssh

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build 'none' cipher support into ssh

Hello, my NAS box is unable to do more than 15MB/s, with sshd maxing out the cpu. The HPN-SSH patch ( adds support for the 'none' cipher (-c none), and to alleviate security concerns, a toggle for both the server (NoneEnabled yes) and client (-o NoneSwitch=yes). Some time ago I built ssh.exe from source and confirmed that disabling crypto gives a big improvement. However, having to maintain a cygwin build environment and merging it with cwRsync is less convenient than having the patch built into cwRsync directly. Would it be possible to include this feature into cwRsync's ssh.exe? (to add: 'arcfour256' is a first approximation of 'none', but it's still way below the normally achievable throughput)

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Some time ago, I experimented

Some time ago, I experimented with that patch and it seemed that it made difference over connections with long latencies, not on fast networks with low latencies. Things may change, however. Anyway, if you consider an ssh connection with -none- cipher - why not to try rsync-to-rsync daemon connections without ssh ? You can achieve decent throughput rates that way.

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