wrbldnsd on Windows 2012R2

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wrbldnsd on Windows 2012R2

I have had an install of WRBLDNSD that has been working fine on windows 2003 for several years.  As Microsoft is dropping support for 2003 we are transitioning to 2012R2. 

Followed the instructions.  The application installed and seems to work, however the rsync portion does not.

On 2003 I have been using a scheduled task that launches a batch file and it works fine.  When try to use that same batch file on 2012 I get errors in the .OUT file complaining about unknown command when the script calls any of the cygwin routines.  I tried to add the rbldnsd folder structure to the PATH environmental variable,  this did not clear the error.


Does anyone have this running on Windows server 2012R2?

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How does your batch file look

How does your batch file look like and which error messages do you get ?

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