How do I know if the remote machines passwords have been changed using chwinpw.exe?

Hi All,

I've been using the chwinpw.exe tool for a brief amount of time and wanted to ask everyone with experience here, how do I pipe the results of each computer to a text log file.  What I have done is created a CMD with the correct parameters and have a text file containing all computers line by line.  When I execute I have the following added to the end of the command line ">> log.txt"  Within the log file I only see "Reading machine list from nodes.txt ...".


Is there a switch I can add that would output each nodes success or failure and the result code?  I noticed on the webpage result codes are indicated but how do I access them?




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You need to run chwinpw for each user to be able to pick up individual status info. You can try code below for each user in your cmd file:


(call chwinpw ..... user 1 ....) && (echo success) || (echo error!)


(call chwinpw ..... user n ....) && (echo success) || (echo error!)

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