setuid failed: Operation not permitted

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setuid failed: Operation not permitted

I can't post in the other thread anymore. (/content/setuid-failed-operation-not-permitted) I'm not sure why.

So I created this thread.

The same issue still applies, except this time I've uninstalled FullSSL and replaced it with the standard version. I've copy/pasted the updated support request below, but you won't be able to read it because this forum eats the format and spits out a mess that drives me crazy. Sorry I'm ranting.


A few days ago, we started having winrpe issues, and being the windows expert I am (I prefer linux), I decided that the easiest way to resolve this was to uninstall and re-install winrpe.   I uinstalled, deleted the users, and then reinstalled the latest version. I installed winrpe 4.2.0.   When I run check_nrpe from my linux icinga host, I get this error:   CHECK_NRPE: Error - Could not complete SSL handshake.   On the windows machine, xinetd loads fine (in the event log) but each time I make a check_nrpe request I get this error in the event log:   xinetd: PID 2852: setuid failed: Operation not permitted (errno = 1)   I tried to resolve this by adding SvcXinet to an administrative group, but that doesn't seem to help.   So it seems like somehow, xinetd is starting, and then I'm not sure if it waits to start nrpe until it gets a request (and then nrpe can't run for whatever reason) or if nrpe is already running, but the check command can't be run. I'm honestly not sure. Also it looks like it stripped my formatting again :(

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Formatting issues are now

Formatting issues are now fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience. Are your Windows machines in a domain ? Do you have any group policy settings blocking membership to local admin group ?

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