check_winprocess from nagios doesn't work --filter

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check_winprocess from nagios doesn't work --filter

hi all,


i have installed NSClient++ and configure nrpe server for listen the command, insert the script check_winprocess.exe in the external commands of NSClient++ and i try do something with nagios what execute the command but doesn't know the command filter:


the command i do:

./check_nrpe -H hostip -c check_winprocess


and the return:

ERRORE: Impossibile riconoscere il filtro di ricerca. in english (google traduction): ERROR: Could not recognize the search filter.

PROCESS OK - 0 process(es)|'processes'=0

have any idea i need this for some process go my cpu to 100%!!!
thanks a lot in advantage for replay.

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Check_winprocess processes

Check_winprocess processes output from english version of the builtin TASKLIST command. It seems that you run a localized version of Windows with a TASKLIST producing localized output.

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